B & B Airparts machines simple and complex parts out of primarily aluminum, ranging in size from 10” x 18” x 36” for 5 Axis and for 3 and 4 Axis parts we can accommodate an envelope size of 6” x 30” x 72”. We are equipped to handle your expedited projects or your production parts. For a full list of our machining capabilities, please see our Equipment page.


B & B Airparts not only will machine and fabricate your detail components, we can also use those components to produce your complex assemblies. Whether it’s a simple nut plate on a clip, an entire cockpit instrument panel with over 180 detail components or a machined pressure bulkhead assembly, when it leaves our facility it is ready to be installed on the aircraft. Complete, correct and on time.


More information coming soon!


More information coming soon!

Sheet Metal

B&B Airparts started as a Sheet Metal company in 1998. As times have changed through the years, our scope has changed. While we continue to furnish sheet metal details and assemblies to our customers, we also provide sheet metal details to the complex assemblies we manufacture.

Utilizing our CNC Press Brakes, Flow Waterjets, Hi Speed CNC Routers and Hydropresses combined with skilled craftsmen we can truly be your “one stop shop” for aircraft production requirements.

Flow  Water Jet – 3 Axis   72” 144”   50   28.8 
Flow   Water Jet – 3 Axis   72”  144”  100    28.8
Williams & White   Hydro Form Press – 200 TON   24”  54”      28.8
Tippo   Hydro Form Press – 750 TON   22”  76”      28.8 
Di-Acro   Break Form Press – 25 TON     48”      28.8 
Di-Acro   Break Form Press – 15 TON     72”      28.8 
AccurPress   CNC Break Form Press – 60 TON     96”      28.8 
Multi Cam   CNC Hi-Speed ROUTER   48”  96”      28.8 
Multi Cam *NEW  CNC Hi-Speed ROUTER   48” 48”     28.8
Multi Cam *NEW  CNC Hi-Speed ROUTER   48”  48”      28.8 

Blue Streak

We have a seperate Blue Streak cell that does not affect our production work. With seperate machines, machinists and programmers we can turn your HOT jobs around as fast as you need us to!