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Important Dates & Upcoming Events

Important Dates & Events

10/1/19 - Liberty National Open Enrollment Day 1 (Supervisors/Managers have schedules)

10/4/19 - Liberty National Open Enrollment Day 2 (Supervisors/Managers have schedules)

10/9/19 - Employee Appreciation Meeting

10/10/19 - Insurance Benefits Open Enrollment (Supervisors/Managers have schedules)

10/11/19 - Insurance Benefits Open Enrollment (Supervisors/Managers have schedules)

11/13/19 - Employee Appreciation Meeting

11/26/19 - Thanksgiving Dinner - 2nd Shift

11/27/19 - Thanksgiving Luncheon - 1st Shift

11/28/19 - Thanksgiving Holiday - CLOSED

11/29/19 - Thanksgiving Holiday - CLOSED

11/30/19 - Thanksgiving Holiday - CLOSED

12/13/19 - Employee Appreciation Meeting

12/21/2019 - Christmas Dinner - 2nd Shift

12/22/19 - Christmas Luncheon - 1st and Weekend Shift

12/23-31/19 - Christmas Holiday - CLOSED

1/1-5/19 - New Year's Holiday - CLOSED

Food Truck Schedule

Working on scheduling.

Holiday Work Schedule

Thanksgiving Holiday


Thursday, November 28 - OFF

Friday, November 29 - OFF


Wednesday, November 27 - OFF

Thursday, November 28 - OFF


Friday, November 29 - OFF

Saturday, November 30 - OFF

Sunday, December 1 - WORK (reg shift)

Christmas Holiday 

The facility will be closed from December 23-January 5. 


December 23-27 - OFF

December 30-January 3- OFF


December 23-26 - OFF

December 30-January 2 - OFF


December 27-29 - OFF

January 3-5 - OFF

Important Announcements


Our quarterly meeting with our adviser with Principal is Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 3pm. All newly eligible employees (that have been here for a year or will have been here for a year in September) are REQUIRED to meet with the adviser. Other employees that are either enrolled or are eligible but not enrolled are also able to meet with the adviser.
Sign-up sheets will be available on the table outside the breakroom.


Open Enrollment starts in October 2019. This is the only that time that employees can add/change/cancel their benefits (certain Liberty National Policies cannot be modified). Enrollment dates with our advisers will follow shortly. EVERYONE will be REQUIRED to meet with the advisers even to tell them that you want your benefits to stay the same. Other important documents and notices will be given out at this time.


Our insurance, income withholding orders & garnishment orders are all based on 26 paychecks per year, they are NOT based on a monthly fee. In the event that we have three paychecks in a month, you will still see these deductions on your paycheck. The only time that we would block these deductions would be on a bonus and/or profit sharing check.

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Open Positions

First Shift

Quality Records Clerk

IT Help Desk Support Specialist

CNC Machinists

CNC Deburr

CMM Inspection Operator

Accounts Payable Clerk

Second Shift

S/M Deburr

Brake Press Operator

QC Inspector I

CNC Machinists

CNC Deburr

Weekend Shift

CNC Machinists

CNC Deburr

See HR for more details.